Steering Wheel Honda Noises

Your car is something that becomes very familiar to you. It becomes just like your human relationships. You know how your car responds in certain situations and how it needs to be treated to have a good relationship. You can tell when something is quite not right.

What about the engine noises that are serious and require immediate attention? Do you know what they are and how to respond?

Clicking Sounds

If you hear a "clicking" sound like someone is tap-dancing underneath the hood of your car, then STOP, and immediately assess the situation. The clicking sound may indicate that your engine is low on oil. This can be caused by an oil leak, a bad oil pump, or simply not adding enough oil after an oil change. This is especially true if you've just had an oil change completed. Surprisingly, there are many stories about mechanics who forget to refill the oil tank after completing an oil change or they get distracted and don't fill it all the way, especially at "quickie" establishments that have a desire to get you in and out very fast! However, oil doesn't just disappear over time, so the clicking sound indicates there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. An engine that does not get the proper lubrication from oil will certainly cause an engine failure at some point.

Is Your Engine Knocking?

Another common noise coming from your engine that requires immediate attention is "knocking." If you hear this noise, it could indicate that the engine has an abnormal combustion flow. The noise may be accompanied by "hissing, popping or spitting" the more you accelerate. The temperature inside your engine can reach 4,500 Fahrenheit and needs a cooling off process. The noise could indicate there is a failure in the process, but a technician who is trained in this particular type of repair will need to complete a full diagnostic test to pinpoint the issue. You should probably plan for alternate transportation for a few days!

Are Squealing Sounds a Concern?

Honda Engine

Often times, you'll hear a "squealing" noise coming from the engine, which is an indication of a loose or worn fan belt. There are times when all it takes is a few sprays of lubricant on the belt to make the noise go away, but if it's a loose or worn fan belt, you should not drive the car. Fan belts are part of the engine's cooling system, and as indicated above, the cooling system is vital to the engine operation. The fan belt continues to turn as the engine operates. If a fan belt is loose, it slips, and the cooling system becomes compromised. If the fan belt is too worn then it could break at any point, which basically stops the cooling process completely. A breakdown is imminent.

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