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Tips for Finding Your Perfect Car

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

It can often be exciting to start looking for a new car once you've decided it's time to upgrade your current model. Whether you're looking for something with more space or need better performance under the hood, you can look forward to having something more convenient to use while getting around each day. If you want the right tips for finding your perfect car, you can follow a bit of advice and guidance to ensure you make the right selection.

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It's Spring! It's Time to Change Your Air Filter

Springtime Preparation

If you're like most people, you probably put your vehicle through a lot during the winter. Spring is generally a time where we go out more often and enjoy the weather. That most likely means that we'll depend on our vehicles to operate efficiently and without trouble. Spring cleaning should involve your vehicle as well. Servicing your vehicle at the beginning and end of the season will keep it running in top shape. A tune-up and replacing the cabin's air filter are two great and inexpensive ways we can ensure that our vehicles will run smoothly and…

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Buy It! Top 5 New Car Buying Myths

2019 Honda Passport Adventure Awaits

When you're in need of a new set of wheels, you may be ready to shop around for a new car. Unfortunately, there are many new car buying myths that prevent drivers from getting the best deal on the transaction. Here are the top new car buying myths to understand when shopping around for a different model.

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Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Steering Wheel Honda Noises  

After you’ve driven your automobile for a while, you get very used to how it feels and sounds. If something starts to go wrong, you will likely be the first one to notice. This is the time to call a service department to help diagnose the problem. While you can’t necessarily know right off the bat if a problem is an emergency, it’s good to address issues as soon as they occur. This will provide you with the peace of mind you need to know you’re safe. It can also prevent future damage from occurring as…

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How to Turn Honda Parking Sensing On & Off | Honda Parking | Phoenix AZ


Honda is a recognized leader in the auto industry for safety technology. There are a number of innovative safety aids installed on many of Honda's cars. From the 2018 model year on, one useful safety feature that a vehicle may have is parking sensors. Parking sensors are typically located in the front and back of the Honda. When activated, they can help you park and safely maneuver to avoid hitting people, cars, and other objects. By helping you avoid accidents, parking sensors can also mitigate costly damage and repairs.

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Thieves Love Hondas, but You Can Track 'Em Down if Your Car's Stolen

Although the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord are top-selling models in the industry, they were targets for thieves. The Honda Civic and Accord continues to become more advanced and safe to drive because of their technology. Fortunately, it's now easier to protect the vehicles from theft due to SkyLINk, which is a feature that allows the driver to find the vehicle and determine where it's located. The technology offers peace of mind and can even lower your insurance rates because the vehicles are less at risk of being stolen.\
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