Civic Type R Performance Is Legendary

The Civic Type R stands out as a high-performance hatchback that has a solid reputation in the auto industry for its performance and dramatic styling. Those who want to own a car that beats to its own drum and stands out in its class will appreciate that the Type R takes new risks with each model that is released every year. It's known as the highest performance version of the Honda Civic with upgraded brakes and chassis. The three body styles that have been used on the car in past years include the three-door hatchback, the five-door hatchback, and the four-door sedan.

Which Parts & Feature Upgrades Are Available?

We offer several different options for performance packages that are available when you want to increase how well the Civic Type R drives. The Desert Performance Package is the first stage that features a radiator, an intercooler, and an intake. You can get an increase of 16 horsepower with 20 ft-lb of torque. The engine will also have more longevity with sustained performance. The package also delivers improved air conditioning performance during the warmer months of the year for a more comfortable cabin.

Pure Performance Package Parts

Includes all parts in the Desert Performance Package, plus:

  • Civic Type R Down Pipe (PRL)
  • Civic Type R Front Pipe (PRL)

The Track Attack Package is the third stage that includes a radiator, an intercooler, an intake, a down pipe, a front pipe, full exhaust, a shift kit, and an oil catch can. The third package proves to be more advanced and offers all of the same benefits that you'll get with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits. It will even increase the car's response and its overall performance.

Track Attack Package Parts

Includes all parts in the above packages, plus:

  • Civic Type R Full Exhaust (Greddy/Invidia)
  • Civic Type R Shift Kit (Alta)
  • Civic Type R Oil Catch Can (Mishimoto)

Additional Performance Features

The Civic Type R's performance is the main selling point that attracts customers. Its heavily turbocharged four-cylinder engine generates 306 horsepower. The vehicle's powertrain is nearly perfect, with impressive front-wheel-drive performance. It also makes balance a priority through the celestial chassis that is provided. The car is designed to give the driver butterflies with nonexistent torque steer and razor-sharp handling that is difficult to find in competing models. The engine is eager and lively, always waiting to respond in a split second to commands that are made by the driver.

 The vehicle's amicable road manners and excellent fuel efficiency are some of the top features of its performance. The car gets an estimated combined 29 mpg without compromising on the amount of power that it offers. The car's built with 20-inch wheels with low-profile tires that allow the car to handle well on different types of roads.

 The Civic Type R is not a vehicle that you can only read about. You must get behind the wheel to feel its power and how it hugs the road. Contact Bell Honda if you're looking for a new or used Civic Type R for sale in Phoenix and learn about all of its excellent upgrades.

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