2018 Honda Accord

Having impressed 60 critics, the 2018 Honda Accord emerged as the 2018 North American Car of the Year. This award is given annually at the Detroit Auto Show, yet, it means much more than one-time critical acclaim. This coveted prize shows that the all-new style, tech, and performance represent the best of this year's sedans.

The Accord really is a different car than its predecessors. For its tenth generation, Honda reworked the body, making it lighter and tougher. The revised design is more sleek and sophisticated. Engineers created even more space for passengers, which the award judges called a magic trick, improving in so many areas at once. They also noted that even the base editions have a substantial package of amenities. In addition to beating out every new car edition of this model year, the Accord ranked first ahead of the Kia Stinger and the Toyota Camry.

How has it won this award? The 2018 Honda Accord builds on its safety record with more of today's must-have crash avoidance features. It insists on performance with fuel efficiency. The 2018 Honda Accord offers a 10-speed automatic transmission, which is an available feature never offered on a production sedan before. The dash technology of the 2018 Honda Accord has expanded into areas not yet covered by competitors.

The connectivity of this year’s Honda Accord is central to the car's award-winning technology. For the first time, a car uses Near Field Communication sensor technology to accomplish better Bluetooth phone pairing. To keep the driver informed, there's a six-inch head-up display and a customizable digital driver's meter. A wireless charger is on the menu, along with the next generation of audio interface. The new eight-inch touchscreen is augmented by knobs and buttons that can perform the most common user functions. The Accord 2.0T hosts the latest generation of HomeLink Assist connected-car tech. Drivers will have many ways to get the information, entertainment and connection they need.

For several years, the Accord is offering to keep drivers out of harm's way. The latest crash avoidance features include warning systems for lane departures, road departures and forward collision warnings. An auto brake may prevent a collision, while the lane assistance feature keeps the Accord in its lane. These features work with the driver to reduce the chances of an automobile accident.

You deserve to decide for yourself if the 2018 Honda Accord is worthy of so many awards. Take a test drive and see if it lives up to its reputation. Stop by Bell Honda on today to explore the features of this award winning vehicle, the 2018 Honda Accord!

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