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These days, the car shopping journey often starts online, so ensuring a high-level experience on our digital platform has become increasingly important. This is why it's a priority for us to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. Our goal is to maintain our website's accessibility to everyone at all times, so Bell Honda takes many measures to ensure that our website follows the proper guidelines to stay ADA compliant.

Committed to Providing Everyone with an Accessible Experience

Bell Honda prioritizes ADA compliance because we want our customers to have the ability to use our site unhindered. Exploring our website should be a simple, informative and enjoyable user experience. That's the target that we aim for and it's why we utilize a third party to monitor our website and help us maintain compliance with ADA standards.

Do You Need Help or Have Feedback?

If you uncover a concern with any aspect of the website, we ask you to please contact us with details. Bell Honda will gladly resolve the issue to make it accessible. When a customer gives us feedback, we take every part of it seriously, and will do what is needed to make the website accessible across various platforms.

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