Honda Sensing Cross Traffic Monitor on Honda CR-V EX
Cross Traffic Monitor on Honda CR-V EX

Honda Sensing is an advanced suite of safety aids developed by Honda. The suite is either standard or available depending on the Honda model and trim level that you choose. The suite of safety aids is intended to keep you safer on the road whether you're driving on the highway, reversing, or navigating a crowded parking lot. Many safety aids are activated as you go depending on your actions, such as turning lanes.

Honda LaneWatch

One safety feature in the Honda Sensing package is Honda LaneWatch. When you put on your turn signal to turn right, LaneWatch has a camera on the passenger's side that automatically turns on to provide a live video view of the road on the right-hand side. The live video's advantage is that it has better visibility of more than four times what you'll get with the mirror on the passenger's side.

Blind Spot Information System

Another safety feature that you'll get with the Honda safety system is a Blind Spot Information System. This system is activated when you use your turn signal. If the Blind Spot Information System detects another vehicle in the direction that you're planning to turn, it sends an audible warning to prevent an unsafe lane change. The system will continue beeping until a vehicle is no longer in the danger zone.

Cross Traffic Monitor

Cross Traffic Monitor is a safety system that engages when you put your Honda in reverse. This safety system uses a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera when the car is in reverse to detect people, vehicles, or other objects behind the vehicle that you might hit if you started to back up. The traffic monitoring system will send an audible alert to warn you if there are vehicles or other objects in the way.

Honda Sensing Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) on CR-V
Honda Sensing Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) on CR-V

Automatic High-Beam Headlights

Automatic high-beam headlights are an exterior safety feature on your Honda. These sophisticated headlights are activated if you drive at night or in low light conditions at speeds of 25 MPH or above. Suppose you have the lights on an automatic setting. In that case, the automatic headlights will automatically switch between low beams and high beams to provide you with optimal safety and visibility, depending on the surrounding conditions.

Collision Mitigation Braking

Collision Mitigation Braking is another safety aid in the Honda Sensing package. This feature is activated if you are about to hit another object. The braking system automatically applies the brakes if it detects an otherwise imminent frontal collision.

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