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The World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task-Force (WHEAT) was established over 30 years ago with the goal to eradicate hunger and poverty. The organization, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona, encourages people to act locally while thinking globally. WHEAT aims to address and ultimately end poverty and hunger at their root causes.


WHEAT was established in the 1970s through the National Council of Churches, an organization consisting of nearly 20 individual faith groups. Collectively, they recognized and supported the need for advocacy and education to eliminate hunger and poverty, ranging from the local to the global scale.

Today, WHEAT continues to operate in, and serve, the Phoenix community. It is the only organization remaining from the original group established by the National Council of Churches. The organization continues to work with local and regional interfaith groups to address its main issues. It also works with corporate partners to create positive change for communities. Some of WHEAT's primary partners are the Church World Service, Bread for the World, Arizona Faith Network, the ONE Campaign, RESULTS, the World Food Programme, and a collection of local, state, and federal organizations.

Management Training Program

One of WHEAT's core programs is the Management Training Program, which offers on-the-job training and workshop sessions to help clients prepare for success in the employment world. Program participants benefit from an effective and high level of training. At the end of the program, they are eligible to obtain a Certification in Management. The program is open to men and women, and it places participants in occupations within the fields of business, marketing, and finance.

Clothes Silo

The Clothes Silo is a boutique clothing store and partner program of WHEAT. The Clothes Silo is a woman-owned and operated business that aims to provide women with affordable and comfortable clothing that they can wear to feel dressed for success. The Clothes Silo specifically creates business attire to help women prepare for, and gain confidence in, the workplace.

Fair Trade Store

WHEAT's Fair Trade store includes both an online shop and a physical store location in Phoenix. The store offers products created in collaboration with farmers and artisans worldwide and has many handmade products ranging from coffee and tea to chocolate, home accents, and more. Proceeds from the store's sales go towards improving local communities and promoting small businesses around the world.

For more information on WHEAT and its mission, visit the organization's website today.

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