You want to drive a new car but don't want to deal with new car costs? No problem. At Bell Honda, we offer excellent lease deals on brand new Honda Accords. Check out our inventory below and come in to arrange a test drive. But hurry. Our inventory does not stay in the showroom long, and your favorite brand new Honda Accord may be gone if you delay.

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Why Should I Lease a Honda Accord?

There are many advantages for opting to lease a brand new Honda Accord over a purchase. In fact, some people - who love to drive the latest model of new cars - choose to lease all the time. But you're probably wondering, what exactly are all the advantages of leasing versus buying? Well, let's start with the initial costs.

When you buy a new vehicle, you usually have to put down a considerable chunk of cash just for the down payment. With a lease, the down payment is generally smaller. That means you don't have to save up years to drive a new car. And you don't have to drain your bank account either.

Can the Duration of the Lease Be Shorter?

Speaking of which, the number of monthly payments can be shorter as well. When you finance a new car, you could be looking at five to seven years of payments. But the time you make your last car payment, that new car is far from new. With a lease, you can drive your brand new car for just 36 months. That's fewer payments and less obligation for you.

Also, leasing gives you the pride of new car ownership. There is something extraordinary about driving a car with that new car smell and entirely new interior and exterior. When you lease, you can be the first owner behind the wheel. And that alone makes leasing so attractive to so many people.

Will I Save Money on Repairs?

Some individuals consider leasing to be less stressful when it comes to repairs. The last thing you want to worry about is repairs when you are still making payments on a car. Leasing a new car means you are less likely to deal with auto repairs. And if something should go wrong during your lease, the warranty will usually cover the cost.

Finally, leasing makes it easier to part with the car when you're done with your last payment. When you own a car, you usually have to sell that vehicle before you can buy a new one. With a lease, it's easy to jump out of your old vehicle and lease a new one.

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Now that you've seen all the significant advantages of leasing a brand new car, it's time to get yourself behind the wheel today. Call or visit one of our leasing specialists at our local dealership on today to schedule your test drive. We can't wait to lease you that brand new Honda Accord of your dreams.

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