Car Oil Types

Your Options for Motor Vehicle Oil at Bell Honda

A number of motor vehicle oils are available at Bell Honda when you need an oil change as part of your routine maintenance. We offer everything from synthetic to conventional oil, and the option you choose depends on a few factors. This includes:

  • The mileage amount on your odometer
  • The age of your vehicle/engine
  • The climate where you're doing your most driving
  • The recommendation in your owner's manual for your specific make/model of vehicle

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is an investment that provides your vehicle with benefits such as high viscosity levels, resistance to oxidation, prevention of sludge, and protection against thermal breakdown. Depending on your car and the full synthetic that you choose, you may see increased performance.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

A synthetic blend is comprised of synthetic and conventional oils along with oil additives. An affordable option for your routine maintenance, a synthetic blend is easy to switch to if you've been using conventional recently.

Conventional Motor Oil

Thanks to its affordability, conventional motor oil tends to be one of the most commonly used motor oils. It works well for a low mileage vehicle that is located in an area with consistent temperatures.

High Mileage Motor Oil

A vehicle that has more than 75,000 miles has very specific needs when it comes to routine maintenance. A high mileage motor oil can help you reduce your emissions output, and you can protect your engine from leaks thanks to a seal conditioner within the oil.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of motor oil that are available at Bell Honda in Phoenix, contact our service department at your convenience. We will talk to you a bit more about your type of driving and the specifics of your vehicle to determine the best option for your automobile and budget.

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