Honda Engine Not Working

Why Isn't My Car Starting?

When you try to start your vehicle only to find that the engine isn't turning over or catching, Bell Honda has some options regarding why this is happening. Unfortunately, there's no one answer when it comes to what could be going on. It takes a little bit of time and knowledge to narrow down the problem so it can be addressed.

Battery Charge Issues

Your battery must be charged and be able to hold a charge to get your engine started each day. Over time, your battery may lose the ability to hold a charge. This would prevent your vehicle from starting. You may have also left something on, like an overhead light in your automobile. This would drain the battery overnight. The battery is one of the first things we check when your vehicle isn't starting.

Ignition Switch Malfunction

It's common for an ignition switch to need to be replaced periodically, and it's the first thing we check after we've confirmed your battery is working fine. It's likely an ignition switch problem if you've confirmed that your headlights are on, but the engine won't start.

Malfunctioning Starter

An electrically powered motor that connects to your battery and is used to start your automobile, your starter won't be able to turn over your engine if something is malfunctioning. A clicking sound is common when a starter isn't working right.

Clogged or Damaged Fuel Filter

A fuel filter requires replacement about every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. We can provide you with some additional information regarding your fuel filter if you're concerned that it needs to be replaced. We'll also check for issues if your engine isn't starting.

Lack of Fuel

If you've missed the alert that you're running low on fuel and your vehicle has run out, there's no chance that your engine is going to start. You'll need to find a way to get gas in your tank, whether that's by using a gas can that's filled from a local gas station, or you call roadside assistance.

Bell Honda is dedicated to helping you figure out what's wrong with your vehicle if the engine isn't starting. If it's starting intermittently, you should still have everything checked out so the problem is addressed as soon as possible.

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