Hit play on this video to see a breakdown of the basics of brake service and why it’s vital to your car's health.

When to Inspect & Change Your Honda Brake Pads and Fluid

  • We recommend inspecting brake fluid annually, while brake pads should be checked one or two times per year.
  • When brake pads reach 2.5-3mm, don't hold off on replacing them, or else the brake rotors could be put in jeopardy. Using OEM Honda brake pads for replacement is highly suggested. They're not only covered by warranty but also offer the assurance of a proper fit during installation as well as durability-tested longevity.
  • Roughly every two to three years, the brake fluid in your Honda should be flushed. However, this does vary based on several factors, so the exact timing should be determined by your mechanic, as regular inspections will indicate when the brake fluid has become too contaminated with moisture.

Our Honda brake repair shop in Phoenix is at your disposal for brake pad replacement and fluid flushes. Schedule an appointment online and make sure you view our current maintenance specials to see if Bell Honda has any brake service coupons available online this month.

Brake Wear Issues Requiring Immediate Attention

  • Spongy Brake Pedal: This typically means there is air in the brake lines. At our brake shop off of Bell Road, we can bleed the brake lines if this is determined to be the issue.
  • Have to Hit Brake Pedal to Floor: If you notice a leak under your car plus have to press the brake pedal nearly to the floor, you may have a brake fluid leak. Low brake fluid can be dangerous, so bring your car to us for Honda brake service in Phoenix if you encounter this problem.
  • Pulling or Vibration When Braking: Either of these two symptoms could mean that your Honda brake rotors are warped and need resurfacing or replacement. However, both vibration and pulling can be instigated by many other issues, so a professional diagnosis is necessary.
  • Grinding When You Brake: One of the most worrying signs of brake damage, grinding, is the sound made when the brake rotors and calipers are scraping against each other. This can potentially cause the brakes to lock up or cause something called fading, in which braking power is drastically diminished.

Visit our Bell Honda auto repair center if you need Honda brake repair in Phoenix or near Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, or another surrounding city. We offer competitive prices on Honda brakes and fluid flushes. Plus, if you're shopping around for parts, you can order brakes for your Honda Civic, Pilot, Ridgeline, or any other model right on our site.

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