2021 Honda CR-V Rear Side Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Honda CR-V?

Your Honda CR-V will need to have service based on the Honda CR-V maintenance schedule provided by Honda. The CR-V's mileage-based tune-ups generally start when the car reaches 15,000 miles. From there, your vehicle will be due for service periodically until it hits 90,000 miles. Since Honda CR-V service intervals are scheduled specifically for each SUV based on its year, trim level, and mileage, you'll want to follow the service schedule located in the owner's manual to ensure your Honda gets the right service at the correct times.

15,000-Mile Service

At 15,000 miles, your Honda won't need comprehensive service, as its parts should still be fairly new and in good working condition. The tires will be checked when your CR-V reaches 15,000 to ensure they are correctly inflated and aren't wearing out unevenly. If a mechanic sees uneven wear patterns, the tires will be rotated. The engine oil is replaced at 15,000 miles as well, following a first oil change that takes place at 7,500 miles.

30,000-Mile Service

When your Honda reaches 30,000 miles, it gets more extensive service. The engine oil filter gets replaced again. The brakes are also inspected in front and back, and the parking brake will be checked to ensure it is functioning correctly. The steering gearbox, suspension system, and tie rods also get an inspection at 30,000 miles, and the driveshaft boots are inspected. The brake lines, hoses, and brake fluid levels are also inspected when your car reaches 30,000 miles. The exhaust system will get inspected, too, along with the cooling system and the hoses and connections that go with it.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, your Honda CR-V is due for its next tune-up. The tie rods, suspension system and suspension components, and steering gearbox are rechecked at 60,000 miles. Your Honda's oil will be changed, and its tires may be rotated. A mechanic will look at the battery to see how much charge and longevity it has left. The brakes will get inspected as well, and the mechanic will look at the exterior safety parts on your Honda, including the windshield wipers and headlights, to make sure they are safe. The spark plugs may be replaced at this point, too.

90,000-Mile Service

When your Honda CR-V reaches 90,000 miles, it gets more service. The coolant fluid and brake fluid are replaced at 90,000 miles. The transmission fluid will be changed, and the timing belt will be replaced.

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