Need to Turn Off Your Parking Sensing On or Off? Here's How!

As the proud owner of a Honda, you likely enjoy all of the features that the vehicle provides. There may even be a few features that you're unaware of. One of the most helpful features that a Honda provides the driver with is parking sensing. This feature essentially informs the driver when there's an object in close proximity. It can be useful when parallel parking, parking in general, or even when you're driving and a car unexpectedly enters your blind zone. Sometimes, however, you need to turn the park sensing off. Or, you may need to turn it back on. How can you do this? This article will discuss how to turn on and off the park sensing on your Honda.

The Location

First, you need to know where the park sensing button is located. On the left-hand side of your steering wheel, you'll see a series of buttons. The one you're looking for is on the dashboard below the first row of buttons. You'll be able to identify the button by the words 'Png' that are inscribed on it. All you need to do is push this button to turn the sensing on or off. You can typically tell if the sensors are on when the button has a green light. Once the sensors are off, the green light is also off.

Parking Sensors

Turning Honda Parking Sensing on or off

There are four sensors located on your car. The sensors at the corners of your vehicle have a range of 24 inches. This makes it possible to know when a car is near you in the lane or when it is parked. However, the sensors aren't broad enough to give you a false reading from a car two lanes over or a car that is parked too far away. The sensors that are located on the rear of your car have a range of 43 inches. This larger range is important to inform you if anyone is tailgating or near the back of your car. In an emergency when you have to brake hard, it helps to know if anyone is in dangerous proximity to the back of your car.

These sensors only work at 5 miles per hour or less. So, while they cannot be used when driving on the highway, they can be useful if you're stuck in traffic and need to change lanes. Primarily, however, these sensors are used best for parking.

Turning Off Rear Sensors

In some cases, you might want to just turn off the rear sensors. For example, towing something might prove to be annoying when the sensors keep going off. To turn off the rear sensors, you need to first turn the ignition off. Press and hold the parking sensor button, Png, while you turn the ignition back on. Once the ignition is on, continue to hold down the button for 10 seconds until you notice that it is blinking and there's a beeping sound. Release the button, but push it down one more time to officially turn the rear sensors off. If you need to turn your rear sensors back on, simply repeat this entire process again.

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