Honda Lane Assist On and Off

What Is Honda Lane Assist?

Honda's Lane Keeping Assist System is a sophisticated electronic system that helps you maintain focus while driving so that your vehicle will stay in its own lane, even under rough and crowded driving conditions. Thanks to lane assist, you'll be able to maintain a safer distance from other vehicles. When on short or long drives, drivers often lose focus on their own lane and can find themselves in some dangerous driving situations, save for the LKAS Honda gives its customers. The system detects your lane and then uses a series of alerts to make sure that you never veer too far to the left or right. Mild steering torque is applied when you veer too far out of your lane, and that's something that is very helpful in alerting you to the need for steering adjustments. Some drivers might not want to use the Lane Assist system, however, and in this instance, it's nice that you can turn off this system and handle things on your own. 

How To Turn Off Honda Lane Assist

Honda makes it easy to turn off Honda Lane Assist. To turn off Honda Lane Assist, you'll need to make sure that the vehicle is on. Once you've made sure the vehicle is on, proceed to the following steps.

  • Press MAIN button (located on the steering wheel)

  • Press LKAS button (on the steering wheel as well)

  • If you see lane outlines, this lets you know that the LKAS is on

  • PRESS LKAS AGAIN (this will turn the system off)

You will follow the same procedure to turn the system back on. Side swipes on the road are very common, and it's usually because one driver veers too far out of their lane while not paying attention. The Lane Assist system is a very helpful way to prevent accidents such as this, but sometimes it can be distracting to some drivers who need to pay particular attention to the road at any given time. The great news is that it's a system that's easy to turn on at the click of a button and then off again at the end of a button. The result is that you're going to be able to easily toggle the lane assist system off and on as you need it, and this is especially handy during long drives where you want to use it for long periods of time and then not use it at other times. Honda makes it easy to do this in the regular flow of driving.

Get More Information About Lane Assist

As you can see, the Lane Assist system is revolutionary, and it's a surprisingly affordable feature to enjoy on a number of economical Honda models. You can easily toggle this feature on and off from the MAIN button on your steering wheel, then moving to the LKAS button to toggle on or off. It's as simple as it gets, and it makes a big difference in the driving performance of many busy folks. If you'd like to test this feature out for yourself, just find a LKAS-equipped Honda model and give our dealership a call! We'll be happy to show you exactly how this feature works on one of our many models.

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