Here at Bell Honda, we take pride in Honda's reputation for safety. Honda is passionate about safety, and the company is working toward a future where collisions are a thing of the past. The company's commitment has resulted in active and passive safety technology for the next generation of vehicles.

Honda has recently implemented its Safety For Everyone initiative. This program governs how Honda approaches safety in its cars and trucks. The company has the safety of drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians in mind.

There are two types of safety features that Honda includes in all of its cars and trucks. The first type is passive safety measures such as seat belts and airbags. No driver ever wants to require the use of these passive safety features, but knowing that Honda has improved them gives drivers more peace of mind.

Honda has also designed the body of its automobiles to distribute crash energy evenly. This reduces the likelihood that drivers and passengers will suffer severe injuries in the event of a collision.

Active safety technology includes features like Lane Assist and stability control. Honda knows that no driver is perfect. Dynamic safety features are always working to protect drivers. These features can range from better braking to blind-spot monitors and cameras.

A future without collisions is Honda's ultimate goal. With hard work, Honda believes it can realize that goal.

We want to take this opportunity to invite you down to Bell Honda, where you can experience the Honda passion for safety. Call or visit us today, and we will schedule a test drive of a new or used Honda from our extensive inventory.