Upcoming Honda Electric Vehicles  

Honda has some interesting electric vehicles coming out soon for their company. One of the most anticipated electric vehicles coming out for Honda is the 2024 Honda Prologue.

Fully Electric Option for SUV

The Prologue will be using the battery packs from the GM Ultium, and there will be an Acura version of this as well. Honda and GM are teaming up for these powertrains, and the Prologue is going to be a result of this cooperation. These battery packs will also be used for the GMC Hummer EV as well as the Lyriq from Cadillac.

There's still a lot of uncertainty in terms of exactly what the form will be from the Prologue exactly, including any specific data on exactly what features this vehicle will have. Much of it is going to be a rumor.

However, 2024 is the currently listed date, and it's certainly going to be an SUV, but it's uncertain whether it will be a mid-size SUV or something more like a compact SUV. It's certainly known that the powertrain and particular platform will be from GM. The main difference between the two will be more related to the body design since the internals is going to be largely shared.

The idea behind the name Prologue is to introduce the fact that the vehicle is to be the first of many similar Honda vehicles made in this way. This will also not only be from Honda but from other brands as well, like Acura. The one from Acura using similar parts is rumored to come out in 2024.

Honda plans to make it so that its fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles be 40 percent of the new vehicles it puts out by the year 2030. They will be trying to go up to 80 percent by 2035. By 2040, Honda plans to sell only vehicles of this kind and nothing else.

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