2023 Honda HR-V Exterior

The 2023 Honda HR-V is a highly anticipated vehicle. Not everything is known about this vehicle as of yet, but the information is filtering in over time.

A Stylish Smaller SUV

Honda is focusing on trying to win the competition for smaller SUVs. More specifically, Honda is eying to secure control of some of the market share that is currently shared with vehicles like the Kia Seltos and the Hyundai Kona. In order to do this, there's going to be more of a focus on the powertrain as well as style elements. It's still unknown whether there will be elements like a turbocharged engine or what exactly the elements will be.

It's likely that the HR-V is going to keep that second row with the Magic Seat feature, however, since it was a big part of what many people loved about the previous version.

In terms of what the big new things will be for the model, experts are expecting a hybrid powertrain similar to what the Accord hybrid has, for example. Many are hoping for something powerful such as the 180 hp turbocharged engine from the Civic. There's also speculation that the vehicle will have excellent fuel efficiency since the last one did. This is part of the appeal of this type of vehicle. It is tight and compact with part of the SUV feel, but with green fuel efficiency for savings as well.

The expectation is that the new vehicle will have a modern interior along with the Magic Seat that lets the rear bench flip down to create a flat floor low to the ground. This gives the new vehicle a lot of flexibility when it comes to cargo space, and that's what the previous vehicle was known for as well. In other words, you get much more cargo space than you would think, given the vehicle's size.

The vehicle will, of course, come with the usual Android Auto and CarPlay for using your phone with the car. Speculation includes that there will likely be the usual extra tech options like SiriusXM radio, wi-Fi for onboard devices, and likely the in-dash options for navigation as well. There will likely be even more than that, but it's expected that these will be available at a minimum.

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