Although Honda's vehicles are some of the most reliable on the market, the automaker still sells its cars with comprehensive factory warranties for your peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction when you buy a new car. Honda's new vehicles are covered by several different warranties covering emissions, powertrain, seat belts, and other significant components. In addition to its factory warranties, Honda offers additional warranty coverage for service and coverage for its older cars.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers all-new Honda vehicles for up to three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers all major components and parts of a new Honda. The tires may be included in the warranty or covered separately, depending on the car. The warranty also includes coverage for hybrid batteries.

Powertrain Limited Warranty

Honda's Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the cost of repairing and replacing components in your vehicle's powertrain system. This warranty provides coverage for a maximum of five years or the first 60,000 miles that you drive, whichever is first.

Federal and California Emissions Warranty

Two emissions warranties come with your new Honda. One is a Federal Emissions Warranty covering defective parts and performance problems with components in your vehicle's emissions control system. There is also a separate warranty for registered or driven vehicles in California called the California Emissions Warranty. This warranty also applies to other states that have adopted California's emissions regulations for warranties.

Seat Belt Warranty

The Seat Belt Warranty covers the cost of replacing seat belts in your Honda that fail to work properly. The warranty applies for the first 15 years of car ownership or 150,000 miles, whichever is first.

Rust Perforation Warranty

The Rust Perforation Warranty includes repairs and replacement for anybody panels on your car that are impacted by rust. The coverage lasts up to five years and includes an unlimited amount of mileage accumulated during that time.

Hybrid Powertrain Warranty

All Honda vehicles with hybrid powertrains are covered with the Hybrid Powertrain Warranty in addition to the regular Powertrain Warranty. The Hybrid Powertrain Warranty replaces components in the hybrid mechanical system that fail or break normal wear and usage.

MPP Plans

Along with its factory warranties, Honda has many MPP plans that provide additional coverage and protection for your vehicle, including GAP protection, lease wear coverage, comprehensive service contracts, and extended vehicle warranties for older Honda models.

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